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Mother and Baby

Trusted IVF/ART Clinic since 2013

Serving more than 2000 patients with pregnancy rate up to 47%

BFC is an Assisted Reproductive Technique Clinic located at RSIA Limijati Bandung since 2013. Serving more than 2000 patients with a success rate of up to 47%.

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Years of Experience


IVF Cycles (since 2013)

up to 42%

Fresh Cycle Pregnancy Rate

up to 47%

Frozen Cycle Pregnancy Rate


Friendly Team of Doctors and Nurses


Consultant in Reproductive Endocrinology & Fertility

The BFC team of doctors is certified with Reproductive Endocrinology and Fertility Consultants

Competent in Gynecological Endoscopy and ART

The BFC team of doctors have qualified certification and experience in the field of Assisted Reproductive Technology and Gynecological Endoscopy

Easy to Reach

BFC is located at RSIA Limijati Bandung which is in the middle of downtown Bandung


BFC is an ART clinic with PERFITRI certification (Indonesian In Vitro Fertilitation Association) and RSIA Limijati is a Women's and Children's Hospital with KARS certification



"Doctor Hartanto is very patient and we really intend so that we can go through the IVF process with minimal stress"


"Relax because of the detailed explanation"

Riva - M. Supyan


"Service is very good and satisfying. Thank you to all who have been patient to help me in this program."

Fariestina - Yohanes

Annisa - Seno

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